Now playing: "666" at the Minetta Lane Theatre

Spanish comedy troupe Yllana is coming to off-Broadway with “666“.

The show begins when three dangerous criminals (Fidel Fernandez, Joseph Michael O’Courneen and Juan Francisco Ramos Toro) and one misplaced innocent (Raul Cano) arrive on death row.   Incarceration ironically sets free their wildest fantasies as, trapped between the iron gates and an electrified fence, they interact with each other and with the audience.  At the end of all the comically bungled executions, all hell, quite literally, breaks out.  No one is safe, least of all the audience!

Now playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre, next to Bellavitae.

2 thoughts on “Now playing: "666" at the Minetta Lane Theatre

  1. ciao Jon! congratulations on your new blog. i just subscribed to receive updates by email. this show sounds great. will it still be playing when i return to new york, mid april? hope so. will go to the show and then of course to bellavitae to eat those wonderful trenette with pesto. grazie mille!

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