Pasta all’Uova Fatta in Casa: The Joy and Satisfaction of Making Homemade Egg Pasta

Courtesy Pasta Agnesi Museum, Oneglia

Eating your own homemade fresh egg pasta is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences of Italian cuisine.  Making your own fresh pasta is surprisingly easy and the result will likely exceed that which most Italian restaurants prepare.  Using the right ingredients and adhering to simple techniques will ensure perfect fresh pasta – at a fraction of the cost your supermarket charges.

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Citazione del Giorno

“Man, by his very nature, tends to give himself an explanation of the world into which he is born.  And this is what distinguishes him from the other species.  Every individual, even the least intelligent, the lowest of outcasts, from childhood on gives himself some explanation of the world.  And with it he manages to live.  And without it, he would sink into madness.”

          — Elsa Morante (1912 – 1985)