Blogroll: Cook Italy

Last month, Italy magazine interviewed Carmelita Caruana, “your authentic Italian cooking lady.”  Based in Bologna, Carmelita not only blogs about authentic Italian cooking, but since 1999 has presided over a well-regarded cooking school with classes throughout Italy.

Carmelita Caruana
Carmelita Caruana

I love Carmelita’s cooking mantras:

  • Local, seasonal and rooted in history.  Eat everything, in moderation.  And cook it yourself.
  • Simplicity: less is more.
  • Flavour, colour, texture: When you eat an apple, eat an apple.  When you drink tea, drink tea.  Savour the moment.
  • I also often say, “First you shop, then you cook, then you play.”  The “play” part is about presentation, making the dish look as attractive as possible.  I often think about colour when planning a meal.  Great colour combinations can really whet the appetite and make the meal that much more enjoyable, because in the end, eating a good dish is sheer pleasure.


Her blog is full of wonderful recipes and beautiful food photography (click on the photos for recipes):

Sweet Pepper Roll-ups

Rosette di Pasta al Cotto e Zucchine

Ravioli with Peas and Prosciutto

This is a great blog to follow, and if you’re planning to be in Italy, check out her cooking school!