Celeste Holm has Died


Celeste Holm and Bette Midler at Bellavitae


I loved when Celeste came to Bellavitae.  Bright blue eyes and a beautiful smile, she was as lovely inside as she was to the eye.

Full of grace and charm, she could sweep any man off his feet, even in her 90s — and I indeed swooned.  She died the other day at 95.

She won the Academy Award in 1947 for best supporting actress for her performance in “Gentlemen’s Agreement” and received Oscar nominations for “Come to the Stable” (1949) and “All About Eve” (1950).

Bette Davis and Celeste Holm at New York's The Stork Club in a scene from the 1950 Film "All About Eve."


Ann Althouse provides this quote:

“I walked onto the set of ‘All About Eve’ on the first day and said, ‘Good Morning,’ and do you know her reply? [Bette Davis] said, ‘Oh shit, good manners’.  I never spoke to her again – ever.”