Are You Ready? Part 1

The first day of skiing is less than a month away and this short video will surely get you enthused about the upcoming season.  If you have high-speed Internet, adjust the YouTube settings to allow for HD viewing.

After each season, I assemble pictures and videos and we show them at our end-of-year staff party. This is the second chapter of four in the film we presented last April.

It’s titled “Our Magical Workplace”, because, well, we are lucky enough to work in such a beautiful place.  In addition to my own filming, I shamelessly borrowed other pictures and video, some of which I found on the Internet.

I watched this chapter the other day and think it’s a great way to gear up for the 2013 – 2014 season.  It’s already snowed five times up here, and we’re expecting up to 10 inches on Tuesday.

Bring it on!


Film Credits:

  • Jay Goebel
  • GoPro
  • Mark Gordon
  • Britt Runyon
  • Sky News 13
  • Taos Ski Valley, Inc.
  • thiago1029
  • Peter Walker
  • Nate Wixom






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