Happy New Year!


The Pooped Blonde Bear


The week between Christmas and New Years is busy for any ski resort, and Taos Ski Valley is no exception.  But this year, the planets aligned and we were blessed with arguably the best snow in North America.  Add to that perfect New Mexico weather.  We prayed the skiers would come, and boy did they.

An avalanche maybe?  What exuberance!  Folks from all over the world converged on our village to enjoy phenomenal skiing, a happy holiday, and of course good food and wine.

One of the week’s highlights is the annual torch light parade, where skiers carrying red flares race down the mountain, followed by colorful fireworks – all against the magnificent canvas of pure white snow.

Here’s a long-exposure photograph that captures the scene:

Torchlight and fireworks



And here’s a video of the event:



Yeah, we’re a little pooped, but what a way to ring in the new year!

So from all of us at The Blonde Bear Tavern:


Delicious Wishes

Drink wine and enjoy good dishes


Here’s to a prosperous new year:

Just as you ski here

Approach with no fear.



Buon Anno!


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